Business Nature

In recent years, the cycle of information terminals such as personal computers, tablet PCs, smartphones and so on is getting faster and more and more new technologies are appearing.
We started with the development of Windows system applications, Internet site creation, ASP development such as in-network system, and now we are developing smartphone applications, USB device development, cooperation with PCs and webs, network construction, along with the needs of the next generation we have repeatedly put together.
We do not depend on the speed of the system and the OS, and we would like to put new things to the world steadily.
With respect to the e-commerce business, in recent years, the environment has undergone significant changes with the development and spread of infrastructure such as transboundary EC, and flexible development is required with flexible development of neighboring Asian countries. Moreover, shifting from the high economic growth strategy up to now based on a strong country-based backup system, individual overseas strategy for each company is needed.
Especially in Asian regions such as China, Japan and Singapore, the popularity of Japanese products is deep-rooted, and along with the spread of the Internet and mobile phones, a wide range of sales methods such as publicity and approaches are necessary.
We, T-SKY, is a company based in Hong Kong, has been starting e-commerce business from early and then transboundary EC business, and has developed numerous products and provided services overseas so far.
It is also actively involved in charitable activities, starting in Hong Kong and expanding to a global presence.


Whether your company is belonged to which field of industries, information technology is becoming more and more significant to you. It has become one of the most important assets of your company. It is rapidly disrupting existing industries and creating new market leaders. Our company are able to help you increase the value of your company by information technology skills and services, by our strength in software and the pace of product innovation.
Our mission is to support our clients who desire to promote products, increase sales and even distribute products overseas.
Having the connections with a number of software companies and cooperation relationship with different charity organizations and companies in Hong Kong, we have the will to assist our clients and help those in need at that same time, by sharing the skills and resources among all of us to create a win-win situation.

What’s New?

1) FRUITS Project

T-SKY is actively involved in charitable activities. We have conceived the FRUITS (FRTS) project and developed the FRTS coins, by using NEM blockchain technology. Since our inception, our team of professionals has worked with many different charities some of which are listed on the FRTS website ( To ensure every penny of donation money will be used effectively and honestly, T-SKY maintains a working relationship with General Reserve of Digital Assets Limited (GRDA), a Hong Kong-based trust company. GRDA is a registered company with a Hong Kong government regulated trust license. T-SKY’s company assets and its FRTS project will be managed and overseen by GRDA. We will cooperate with different charity organizations and companies to help those in need. We expect that more people and charity organizations will use the FRTS coin as a donation mechanism and that FRTG coin can be recognized as a tax-deductible currency.

FRUITS Project website:

2) Heart-Warming News

For enriching People’s Hearts, T-SKY has also created an Online Community by making a “Heart Warming News Group”, to spread out Good News all around the world.

Heart-Warming News website: